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Today I wanted to introduce you to this really cool up-and-coming makeup line that I came into contact with through Instagram!

beauty for real

It’s a makeup line that, up to this point, I had no experience with. Once I tried out a few of their products however, I was instantly amazed. I wanted to share some information on TWO of my favorite products from this makeup brand. But before I do that, I thought it would be a good idea for you to get to know them!

Who is Beauty For Real?

beauty for real

This amazing line that I am referring to is called Beauty for Real or BFR for short. They are a line based out of Miami, Florida, founded by Leslie Munsell. To read more about Leslie’s background click here.

BFR offers a variety of interesting products including: lip glosses that come with a built in light so you can apply your lipstick in the darkest place, amazing tinted cheek luminizers that you can apply with your fingertips, and a luxurious body cream that gives you that natural glow!

Something else that I recently learned is that BFR has partnered with retail store Aerie and created a youthful line which is all about enhancing your natural beauty. All products are made with natural ingredients!

I have experimented with a few of BFR’s products but today I wanted to focus on, and share with you, two of my favorite products: a bronzer called ‘CHEEK TINT & LUMINIZER’, and a body bronze called ‘(TOTAL) GLO’.


This product is perfect for anyone who is looking for a bronzer that applies easily and on-the-go. It comes in a super cute compact with a mirror and swing out tray with two different colors:

  • Goldrush – A sheer gold that is a perfect cheek or brow bone highlight
  • Afterglow – A beautiful versatile brown bronzer that can be worn all year round!


What I love about this product is that I can apply it with just the tips of my fingers. This is perfect for anyone who is in a hurry and looking to complete their makeup in less than 5 minutes. I also love how it can not only be used on your cheeks, but can be used as an eyeshadow as well! The way I like to apply it is to put the Afterglow shade on my eyelids and then blend the Goldrush shade into my crease on my brow bone as a highlight.


  • Gives you that natural glow and acts as your bronzer
  • Vitamin E and grape seed extract provide anti-aging benefits and anti-oxidant protection
  • Goes on as a cream yet finishes as a powder

It also comes in 1 additional shade:

  • Get Lit/In the Pink – Fresh Pink/Rosy color

I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for an everyday multi-functional product that can be worn daily and on either your cheeks, eyes, lips or body!

Body Bronze: (TOTAL) GLO

The second product I wanted to introduce you to, and that I absolutely love, is the (TOTAL) GLO body cream/bronzer. This is a phenomenal product that not only moisturizes your skin but gives you a natural looking bronzed glow! I recently used it while I was away in Miami and it actually helped to enhance my natural tan that I got while I was there.

Benefits of (TOTAL) GLO:

  • Works well on any skin tone
  • Disguises imperfections
  • Contains shea butter, which makes your skin feel super soft
  • Has a light fragrance to it with hints of aloe leaf and citrus

body bronze

Here is a picture of me wearing the (TOTAL) GLO body bronze

body bronze

as well as the CHEEK TINT & LUMINIZER (Goldrush and Afterglow shades combo)


If you are interested in purchasing these products or anything else from this amazing line please visit:



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