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I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog posts so far. Today’s blog will be a feature on a unique and fun social event involving makeup application. It’s all about the makeup party!

makeup party

I love getting together with my girlfriends and doing something fun or girly, like getting manicures, pedicures, or even getting a massage. And this got me thinking: how many other women love to get together to do something fun where they can get pampered while in the comfort of their own home, or get all dolled up for a night out on the town? Enter the idea of the makeup party!

As the name suggests, a makeup party is a small gathering of ladies who get together to chat, eat, drink, listen to music, and get their makeup done. The party could either be a stay-in event with a few drinks and apps, or it could be organized around a special theme, such as a girl’s night out, a birthday party, or even a stagette. There are a million reasons to get together with your girlfriends!

What are the ingredients for a successful makeup party?

  • A host for the party (you!)
  • A location for the party (usually in the comfort of your own home)
  • Drinks and appetizers (optional)
  • Music
  • Makeup application by Misha Miranda
  • A minimum of 5 enthusiastic guests


Benefits Of Hosting Your Own Makeup Party

I have hosted a number of parties this past year, and let me tell you, they have been a hit! Here are some of the reasons why:

  • All guests loved their makeup application!
  • Meet and mingle with friends or even guests you’ve never met
  • Opportunities to win amazing prizes (provided by Misha Miranda)
  • All guests took away a swag bag (provided by Misha Miranda)
  • Did I mention you have a lot of fun?


makeup party


The women who have attended these parties loved the concept and had a great time! Some feedback that I received was: “What a great idea I would love to organize one of these”, or, “What a great way to get my friends together to spend time on a fun activity. We love makeup!”. What could be more fun than hanging around with your friends, having a few drinks and getting your makeup done?

Perks For the Host

Now, you may be wondering what are the perks for hosting an event? Below are some of them!

  • Host’s makeup application at a lower rate
  • A special gift provided by the makeup artist for hosting the party
  • Lots of fun with good friends!


What a great way to get my friends together to spend time on a fun activity. We love makeup!


If you are a makeup junkie like me then you will also love the gifts that are offered to the host, which can include makeup palettes, lipsticks, or other makeup products from high end brands such as Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent and MAC!

Photo Gallery

Check out this image slider gallery containing a few pics from one of the parties I hosted last year:

  • image title

    Misha's makeup

  • image title


  • image title


  • image title

    Misha applying makeup

  • image title


  • image title

    Happy guests

For more pictures of my makeup art, check out my full gallery here!

If you live in Toronto or the GTA and are interested in hosting a makeup party, please feel free to contact me! I’ll fill you in on all the details, including pricing. Or, if you are interested in attending one of my parties so you can see for yourself how much fun they can be, feel free to email me at I’ll be sure to schedule you in to any of the makeup parties that I host throughout the year.

Thank you!

Misha Miranda


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