MAC Primer: A Review of ‘PREP+PRIME’ Natural Radiance

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I am excited to be writing my second review on another one of my favorite products. This review is all about MAC’s ‘PREP+PRIME’ Natural Radiance!


Why Use a Primer Anyway?

Applying a good primer is a key component to creating a beautiful finish, even though it is not considered makeup itself. It is an essential tool for any makeup artist’s toolbox…

That’s because the main purpose of primer is to create a clean, smooth surface on which to apply your foundation. Think of it as a new sheet of paper which you will be using to create a new drawing. You don’t want the imperfections of the paper to affect the quality of your drawing…

Primer prevents your foundation from interacting directly with your skin’s imperfections (blemishes, discoloring and oiliness/dryness). For example, if you tend to have dry skin and you apply foundation directly onto your skin, the result is that your foundation will likely appear dry, ashy or even flaky. If you tend to have oily skin and you apply foundation directly onto your skin, your foundation will likely appear greasy and shiny, just like your skin.

A good primer that works well with your skin will also improve the longevity of your foundation. If your foundation is not interacting directly with your skin’s imperfections, it will hold itself in place for much, much longer.

The end result of using a good primer will be a smooth, radiant (but not shiny), finish that lasts longer throughout the day, even during those hot and humid summer days.


MAC Primer ‘PREP+PRIME’ Natural Radiance

For the longest time I was looking for a versatile, balanced primer that would not only look amazing on my skin but would last long throughout my workday. Then I was introduced to a MAC primer called ‘PREP+PRIME’ Natural Radiance and I instantly fell in love the first time I tried it!

Through trial and error, I realized that this MAC primer was doing the best job. I found a lot of other primers would make my skin dry and were not helping me build that final finish I was looking for, which was glow-y and flawless! Now I use it for most of my clients. It has become a permanent part of my makeup kit :)

What I love about this product:

  • Great for oily and combination skin
  • Silicon free
  • Improves hydration
  • Radiates my skin
  • Makes my foundation last longer


Another great thing about this product is that it comes in TWO colors:

  • Light pink: for pale skin
  • Yellow: for medium-to-dark colored skin


You can apply this product all over your face or only to the areas where you feel that you become oily super fast. My routine is to put it all over my face and then apply my foundation or powder product. I find that it helps my foundation to last longer and the oil in my skin reduces.


The price point for this product is not too bad either given its quality and performance. As of this writing, it costs CAD$49 if you purchase online directly from MAC, but the price may vary a bit if you purchase through a retail store. If you are a makeup artist and have a MAC PRO membership like I do, you receive 40% off the purchase price. That’s an amazing steal. To learn more about how you can become a MAC PRO member, click here.

Below is a picture of what the product bottle currently looks like:

mac primer

This is a great product that I highly recommend. It not only helps to radiate your skin but also gives you an amazing glow. It makes your foundation last long as well! To the makeup artists out there, or anyone looking for an effective, high-quality primer, this awesome product will be an amazing addition to your kit :)


Misha Miranda


P.S Please leave a comment with any experience or issues you have with this product or primers in general. I would love to hear your feedback!


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