Travelling Makeup Essentials!

Hi, everyone!

Summer is the season of travel.  This year, I’m travelling to a hot and humid destination with beautiful beaches and friendly people!


In the spirit of this, I am focusing on makeup that I can’t live without while travelling. I will also touch on some nice-to-have products that I would pack if I have space. I will be in Europe for the next 5 weeks, so my list may seem longer than what I would bring for the average trip –majority are products that I bring with me every time I travel though :)


  1. Moisturizer
    1. I’m simple when it comes to my skincare. I’m asked constantly what skincare products I use and my secret is NIVEA :) It feels good and keeps my skin moisturized all day.
  2. Makeup Forever Primer
    1. Instantly hydrates skin especially for days/nights where you may be taking in less water and more alcohol. ;)

  3. Makeup Forever BLACK Aqua XL Eye Pencil Water Proof Liner
    1. I could survive with just this black eyeliner alone!
  4.  Maybelline Mascara the FALSIES Volum’ Express
    1. Love the effect that they have on my lashes, making them look fuller.
  5.  Vasanti Foundation & Face Base Powder
    1. I take my current shade and 1 that is a shade darker for when I tan!
    2. Mainly for evening/going out makeup.
  6. Anastasia Beverly Hills “Modern Renaissance” Eyeshadow Palette
    1. Perfect for versatile day/evening looks.
  7. 1-2 Travel size Blushes
    1. Easy to pack away. I am taking a sample size of PAAARTY by Tarte from & SUN PEACHED GLOW by Vasanti Cosmetics
    2. I pick colors that are versatile and will go with all looks I create
  8. MAC Highlighter Quiktrik Stick 
    1. Compact & easy to pack
    2. Different shade on each end of the stick which is: A LATTE  SHEEN/SOFT SIDE
  9. Lipsticks
    1. 3-4 summer colors like: ARUBA & BELARUS by Vasanti Cosmetics & KINDA SEXY & PINK NOUVEAU by Mac Cosmetics
    2. 1-2 Bolder colors like: M204 by Makeup Forever & THE BIG TIME by Vasanti Cosmetics
    3. Other option-take tinted lipsticks if you don’t like to wear something heavy on your lips
  10. Urban Decay Setting Spray
    1. Keeps makeup looking fresh especially in the HEAT and makes it last longer.
  11. Travel Size Makeup Wipes
    1. Removes makeup and any other dirt on the skin
  12. Blotting Papers
    1. Perfect for when you are out in the sun and your skin gets oily

Here are some pictures of most of the products I discussed above:

travelling travelling

Here is a picture of some of the lipsticks I am taking. From left to right they are: M204 by Makeup Forever, The BIG TIME  & BELARUS by Vasanti Cosmetics & KINDA SEXY & PINK NOUVEAU by MAC.

If I have additional space I would take the following:

  1. Additional highlight-you can never have enough glow!
  2. Another eyeshadow palette-for diversity in colors
  3. Other shades of lipsticks

What are your must-have makeup products when you travel? I would love to hear from all of you.

Stay tuned for more blogs about my travels and for makeup looks inspired by my travels.

Until next time!

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Thank you!

Misha Miranda


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