Juggling Multiple Priorities: Life of a Mom, Career Woman and Makeup Artist

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This blog is going to get a little personal. A few people have asked me to discuss how I juggle multiple priorities and have time to be a mom, wife, work full time, have a social life, travel and have a side business as a makeup artist. Sounds like a lot right? Some days life can seem pretty overwhelming and there have been multiple occasions where I have wanted to give up!

My upbringing has helped significantly in providing me with the tools to juggle multiple priorities successfully. My parents worked full -/part- time jobs while they ran a successful retail business and still had time for their kids. I learned from an early age how to work in the same manner. These skills have come handy in all aspects of my life.

I have a supportive network around me, who lend a hand to give me time to do the things I love.  My husband has also been a major influencer in my life. He was the one who gave me a big push to continue to pursue my dreams of being a makeup artist when I was ready to quit.

To read more about that story click on the link below:

How I became a Makeup Artist

What keeps me going?

It’s doing things that make me feel extremely happy and excited!

One thing I constantly hear is that I won’t be able to pursue my dreams or have any free time once I have kids…more bluntly that “your life will be over”.  If anything, I am doing more now with kids than I have ever done before-travelling frequently and having many more fun date nights than before they came into my life! Having kids is an added layer of stress. Don’t get me wrong, some days can be downright challenging but with help from both sets of parents, planning in advance, being organized, and preparing for potential melt downs :) most days are pretty good!  I also want to be an amazing role model to my kids. I want to show them that opportunities are endless and if you put your mind to it, anything is possible!



  1. Stay Organized & Be Efficient
    1. I am a big planner. I love to plan and organize the night before so that we are not scrambling at the last minute – especially with the kids. For example, we are going away in the next week and I have already packed 2 out of 3 bags that we are taking with us!
    2. Stay focused on work tasks. It is easy to get swayed or distracted but if you stay focused, a lot can get done in a short amount of time
  2. Exercise
    1. Over the last few months, I have taken up running 3 times a week. This has not only made me feel good and become more toned, but has also provided me with more energy. If you aren’t a runner, look for another activity that will be fun and keep you healthy and energized!



If you have kids:

  1. Let Go Of the Guilt
    1. Some moms/dads may feel guilty about not spending that extra time with their kids because they are working on something for their job or business. Think of the long term results and how you are actually being viewed as a ROLE MODEL to your kids!
  2. Good Flexible Childcare
    1. I have been very fortunate to have a ton of help from both sets of parents and a very supportive husband who is very involved with our kids. If you don’t have the same luxury, look into help that is flexible, so if you need to be away an extra hour it is ok!
  3. Consistent Daily Routine
    1. Having the same routine daily with our kids helps significantly  We start daily at 7pm and by 7:30pm both kids are in bed. This gives us almost 3-4 hours of free time! I normally spend these nights working on my blog, looking for leads, or catching up with friends or my husband!

How to do you juggle multiple priorities and roles?  I’m interested in hearing your tips and tricks!

Check back for my next posts as I share some looks for easy but great looks for moms, corporate professionals, and makeup artists.

Thank you!

Misha Miranda


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